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Your Role

There are many different roles in protecting, conserving and developing an industrial heritage site. Depending on your background, professional role, and interest, we suggest the following routes to access this website. However, please also feel welcome to explore all of the available information.


For architects, several Zollverein PROJECTS exemplify good practice — particularly the COMB BUILDING and the COKING PLANT DEVELOPMENT. You will find architecture designed by star architects: three Pritzker Prize winners have built at Zollverein. Amongst others, the two buildings of the FOLKWANG UNIVERSITY and the design of ZOLLVEREIN PARK base on (landscape) architectural competitions. Adaptive reuses were overseen by specialists in industrial architecture.


Do you work as a conservationist or share concerns for protecting and conserving heritage sites? Browse through the website — there is plenty of interesting content for you. Our SYSTEMATISATION might be particularly helpful for heritage management at other sites. Furthermore, have a look at the COMB BUILDING PROJECT. Not only the building, but also the machinery is carefully conserved, including historic traces of use and patina on the surfaces of the pipes. One example of adaptive reuse is the GRAND HALL event location.


Are you a proprietor of an industrial heritage site or an investor / developer of such a site? Have a look at the SYSTEMATISATION to see what should be considered for running a good-practice project. Exemplary projects, such as the COKING PLANT DEVELOPMENT and the GRAND HALL might provide some orientation on how to implement good practice.

Neighbours and Community

Do you live near the Zollverein heritage site? Are you interested in the industrial heritage of Zollverein? Or do you share working experience, traditions, or uses of the Zollverein site? Then you belong to one of the heritage communities of Zollverein. Have a look at the Zollverein PROJECTS, especially the ZOLLVEREIN PARK project, including the WORKS SWIMMING POOL and the PARKOUR, DENKMALPFAD, and activities at PACT. The communities engagement achieved so far will be continued and intensified.


Do you belong to the scientific community? Our SYSTEMATISATION provides an overview of good practice in industrial heritage management. The model might be transferable to your (case) studies. You might also be interested in the PROJECTS illustrating good practice, especially the RUHR MUSEUM, which is closely involved in research, changing exhibitions, and publications.

Urban Administrator

Do you work in administration for urban or regional development? You might be interested in the overview showing criteria of good practice. This is provided as part of our SYSTEMATISATION. 

The PROJECTS section illustrates how good practice is implemented at Zollverein. The COKING PLANT DEVELOPMENT demonstrates how to effectively manage complex interactions among various stakeholders and projects. The newly established FOLKWANG UNIVERSITY campus functions as a trigger for sustainable development. ERIH connects Zollverein and the Ruhr region through industrial tourism. The PARKOUR project demonstrates good practice in community involvement.


Do you plan to visit Zollverein? Do you know that ERIH, the RUHR MUSEUM, the ZOLLVEREIN PARK and DENKMALPFAD are examples of good practice for industrial heritage sites?